Dallas based jewelry designer, Jill Lide Parish, didn’t arrive at her decision to pursue a long time passion for design easily. It took years of small and large successes in the jewelry world to coax her into leaving her “big girl” job in Marketing and PR. A long time lover of jewelry, she launched a small custom collection in her beloved friend and soul sister’s boutique, Imagine. “At first, I thought, Laura, boutique owner, was supporting me because she loved me,” says, Jill. “And, of course, I’m sure that was very much a part of it, but she bought and wore things of mine for herself. She had a divine sense of personal style, so having someone like Laura wear my little jewels was the ultimate endorsement.”  Before Jill knew it, that small custom collection sold, and the rest is history. Since that time, she has sold to boutiques across Texas and established a long list of clients from coast to coast that she creates custom designs for.

Drawing inspiration from the ranch she grew up on, Jill’s designs are as fresh as the lush grass that fills the pasture and wildflowers lining the fence she boasts of.  “I draw a good bit of inspiration from my surroundings as a child, but the majority of my inspiration comes from my Mom. She has always been a beautiful woman and very fashion forward. She’s got a flare for the uncommon and an instinct for mixing it into her wardrobe and wearing it with style and grace. My ability to pull traditional things together in nontraditional ways definitely comes from her.”

Functional and downright fabulous, nobody could dispute Jill’s well inherited gift for pulling together things that can be worn everyday with everything from well-worn leather cowboy boots and tattered jeans to high fashion heels and a little black dress.

Jill has always been a lover of jewelry. And, she never discriminated. She loves diamonds as much as turquoise and gold as much as silver. While her eye is drawn to the aesthetic, her heart is drawn to the story. Jewelry, unlike most things we adorn ourselves with, carries with it a story that elevates both style and spirit. Jill’s mission is to do just that, create beautiful, wearable jewelry that enhances one’s style and encourages their spirit.  “I wear pieces of jewelry every single day that have great meaning to me. It’s the story behind the jewelry that inspires us, encourages us and gives us a greater sense of self, and that’s what JL PARISH is all about.”

Jill is a daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife, mom, aunt, friend, activist and philanthropist. She’s a proud graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and enjoys running, reading, traveling, entertaining and spending time with family and friends.